The Review of Fruit Blast Slots

Try out the Fruit Blast Slot Machine by Jefferies at your leisure.

Fruit Blast, a video slot game developed by Skillzz Gaming, is an excellent option if you’re in need of something a little different from the norm. It’s a combination between a traditional slot machine and Candy Crush, in which you’ll be playing to collect clusters of identical symbols rather than matching ones down a payline. There’s a substantial jackpot, and it’s one of the most original games out there.



This Fruit Blast review will teach you all you need to know to start spinning the reels and winning big. Check out the information on this page to see if this slot machine is right for you.

Slot Machine Extras and Functions for Fruit Blast


If you manage to cluster three or more Bonus symbols while playing, you’ll win a bonus. The reward is different for each bartender that you make active. A random cash prize is awarded when you perform the Hawaiian Shake, while Dance Nights awards five free spins, with a win assured on each spin. Goth a Fruit? presents the task of matching five rows of fruit, while Pick & Win offers a straightforward picking game.


Then there’s Side Dish, where you get one free spin with a 10x multiplier, and Happy Hour, where you get one fruit bar filled. Also, there’s a game called “Double Shake,” in which you start with a prize and try to keep doubling it. Last but not least, there’s Pick & Win II, another selecting game, but this one has cash prizes and multipliers up for grabs.


Rules & Strategies for the Fruit Blast Slot Machine

You’ll need to decide how much to wager before you can play. To do this, select your desired wager by clicking the “Set Bet” button. Bet more to increase your potential payout. The game can then be initiated.


When the fruit lands on the grid, it’s time to click groups of three or more matching icons to remove them. Clicking a cluster will cause one of the meters to the left of the reels to fill up a little bit. The winning symbols disappear, and new symbols fall into their places, offering you a new chance to win. This process will keep going until there is no longer a winning combination. If you are successful in filling one or more of the meters, you will be awarded a prize.


You can also earn stars at the conclusion of each turn; the more you win, the more stars you’ll receive. Stars will be awarded if you complete an achievement. A meter in the upper right of the screen can be filled with these. If you fill the meter, you’ll be able to go to the next level and take on more difficult challenges or meet new bartenders.


RTP for Fruit Blast Slots

The return to player percentage of the Fruit Blast slot machine is above average at 96.12%. A game’s RTP specifies the typical amount of money it will pay out to the player. This slot machine, then, returns, on average, 96.12% of money wagered. However, there is no assurance that you will win even this small sum; instead, you might walk away with hundreds or nothing at all.


Frequently Asked Questions about the Fruit Blast Slot Machine

 What’s the maximum bet on this slot machine?

In Fruit Blast, you can win up to a thousand times your initial wager. When three or more Jackpot symbols appear in a cluster, the jackpot is awarded.

How risky is it to play this slot machine?


With a volatility in between low and medium, players may expect to see frequent lesser wins in addition to the occasional large one when playing the Fruit Blast slot machine.

Where can I find the key to a new bartender?


You must achieve the bartender’s level in order to unlock them. Stars you earn in-game are used to unlock further levels.






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